Capture Board

Annotatable Presentation Screen Board
Annotated images can be saved and printed via PC

C-21W Wide

Captureboard PLUS C-21W merupakan copyboard semi interactive yang dilengkapi dengan LAN port. Tampilan Captureboard C-21W lebih stylish dan bersih cocok untuk lingkungan bisnis dan kantor maupun dunia pendidikan.

• FTP print feature enables direct print via LAN
• Prints annotated image through connected PC.
• Allows access to the scanned writings via LAN.

Advanced Features :

• Suitable for Teleworking and Crisis Management
Leave discussion result in the copyboard or in the network. Any computer can access to a data with your ID and Password!

• FTP Network Printing Capability
Network Print button is a new feature of 21 series.
This will enable direct printing from C-21 to a printer that allows FTP printing compatibility.

So far, we have confirmed connectivity of HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553n

• Captureboard Software Available
C-21 supports downloadable C-20 Captureboard software that combines the projected image with handwritten notes and writings. The data can be saved to a PC or can be printed from the onboard printer via USB cable.

• The Eco-Friendly Design with the lowest power consumption
The C-21 has achieved the lowest power consumption in the industry. (Only 12 watts operating power consumption) This can both save the environment as well as the running cost.

• Simple PC Connection!
Simple connect your PC to the Copyboard via the USB cable to allow you to save the content on the board. No software is required. Unplugging the USB cable will erase data on the board for security

• Magnet attachable board surface
First time for the sheet-type Copyboard ever, you can use magnets on the panel to attach the sheet materials. This feature brings versatility in Copyboard usages.

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Download : Captureboard C-21S / C-21W